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March for Justice

In solidarity with the Black Lives Matters protests in the fight for justice, Lëtz Rise Up organised a peaceful protest outside the US Embassy in Luxembourg City on the day that should have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday. The protest has sparked a larger discussion about racism and colonial history in Luxembourg.


Lëtz Rise Up


5 June 2020




US Embassy, Luxembourg

Since the FBI announced an investigation into the circumstances of the young Black EMT’s death, there has been barely any movement in her case.

The 3 officers involved in her being shot 8 times as she lay sleeping are only on administrative leave. They have not been charged.

While all four officers involved in George Floyd’s death have been charged, IT DOES NOT END THERE.

Between the years of 2005 and April 2017 80 officers were arrested on murder or manslaughter charges for on-duty shootings and only 35% were convicted.

source: P.M Stinson, criminal justice program professor, BGSU.

Some questioned the purpose and use of staging a protest in Luxembourg, with it being so far away from the US.
Yesterday wasn’t just about standing in solidarity with those fighting for justice in the US. It was also about expressing our support for organisations like “Vérité pour Adama” in France and “Comité Mawda – vérité et justice” in Belgium.

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