Branding, webdesign & portrait photography

CÂndida Nedog Consultancy

This comprehensive project involved crafting a brand identity and designing a website for Cândida Nedog, a Luxembourg-based corporate operations consultant providing bespoke services.

In addition to branding and webdesign, visual and positioning recommendations for presence on Instagram were also made.


Cândida Nedog



A refined and strong colour palette was selected to reflect the premium quality and bespoke services that Cândida Nedog Consultancy provides.

The blue symbolises trust, loyalty and wisdom while the cream tones represent calmness and elegance.

In addition to a strong colour palette, striking typefaces were chosen to unite the new branding with the existing logo design.

With Cândida’s Brazilian background, a page in Portuguese was also designed with aims of targeting Brazilian investors interested in the Luxembourg market.

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