Stage & Event Photography

Arch Summit

As part of the photo/video team organised by Crossfire, event photography coverage was provided for Tomorrow Street – joint venture between Vodafone and Technoport – for the 2022 edition of Arch Summit which welcomed about 4 000 attendees.


Tomorrow Street & Vodafone



Collage of images showing speakers at a tech conference: Franz Fayot, Sophia Kianni, Patricia Ithau and group of female panelists

Tomorrow Street is an innovation centre in the heart of Luxembourg which scales late-stage startups. The 2022 edition of their flagship event focused on the ways in which technology positively impacts society and our planet.

Arch Summit 2022 welcomed yet another diverse cohort of keynote speakers which included Luxembourg’s Minister of Economy – Franz Fayot, Vodafone Group CEO – Nick Read, climate activist and founder of Climate Cardinals – Sophia Kianni, machine learning scientist and “Girl Decoded” author – Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, WPP Scangroup PLC CEO – Patricia Ithau, and many more.

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