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anna X the modu shop

Anna is a local Luxembourgish blogger who is arguably the Grand Duchy’s queen of colour and eclectic prints – truly a person whose personality radiates as brilliantly as her outfits.





collage of annaroslily wearing different outfits from the modu shop in luxembourg

A total of 5 looks were photographed with clothes sourced from The Modu Shop, a local fashion and lifestyle concept store with a focus on ethical and sustainable fashion.

The different outfits were photographed in the Côte d’Eich neighbourhood in Luxembourg City.

screenshot of a product page on the modushop website showing green sparkly stine goya pants and a pink jacket

A few looks were photographed in Valerius Gallery, where artist Mario Picardo was showcasing his work.

annaroslily wearing an outfit from the modushop sitting inside valerius art gallery

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