KaoriAnne blog BW
Hello! I am a British-Japanese gal born and raised in Luxembourg (recipe for an identity crisis – I know) but I am now primarily living in Leuven, Belgium, just a couple of train stops away from Brussels. Luxembourg will always be home, though, so I can never let time pass for too long before popping back for a weekend.

I have been blogging for a little over 5 years now but decided a fresh new start under a new site was in need as 2015/2016 my interests have grown immensely in other areas: I finished my bachelors and moved to Belgium, I signed up to my first half marathon, I took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I decided to change to a vegan lifestyle… the list could go on! My final year of university had drained my energy so much but I suddenly felt the urge to write about so many more things than just personal style.

This site will cover a wide range of things (recipes, restaurant reviews, travel photo diaries, running, fundraising, tech/social media) but if there is anything you would like me to address or ask me about, feel free to contact me directly using hello@kaorianne.com or by filling out the form below!