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Do you ever have those mornings when you feel like utterly pampering yourself in the morning? Last Saturday was one of those days! After an evening Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training with the gals on Friday and then a morning run on Saturday morning, I couldn’t resist treating myself to a moment on the couch. Armed with a cup of tea, tray of goodies and a foot bath I was ready to chill out.

Now, I mentioned in my last post about the Weleda Arnica Sport range (reviewing the ingredients – here) that I don’t have a bathtub in my apartment in Leuven, so I whipped out a bucket to soak my feet and added some Weleda Arnica Sport Bath to it. The rosemary and lavender essentials oils are subtle when you first open the bottle but they really come to life in the warm water. We have quite a bit of lavender growing outside my parents’ house in Luxembourg so I just can’t get enough of the scent that reminds me of home. After the foot bath, I felt incredibly relaxed but totally re-energised to run errands for the rest of the day.

It’s also been a decent number of days since the Arnica Massage Oil came into my life and it has happily found its place in my post workout routine. I love spreading it over my calf muscles and shins after running, then using my knuckles to knead out and heat up any sore spots. If my neck is feeling a bit strained, I’ll also roll away any cheeky knots that have built up from sitting and working at a desk for a wee bit too long. As tempting as it would be to use the Weleda Arnica Sport Gel, I’m trying to use that sparingly in case I get any flare ups in my left foot from that injury I got back in February or if I get any particularly bad bruises from sparring.

weleda arnica sport shower gelHave you guys used Weleda Arnica Sport products before? I would love to hear about your favourite Weleda bits and bobs! In other news, our female trainer who gives the women’s only BJJ classes gave out a few promotions and I earned my first little stripe the other week!

The Weleda products mentioned in this post (RRP):

Arnica Sport Bath – 13.79 eur
Arnica Sport Gel – 8.99 eur
Arnica Sport Shower Gel – 7.99 eur
Arnica Sport Massage Oil – 11.99 eur (100ml) / 18.49 eur (200ml)

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