Weleda Arnica Sport

Weleda Arnica Sport kaorianne

I took part in my first ever Color Run last Saturday and what better way to prepare than testing out a few Weleda Sports products which I received recently! I’ll be reviewing the Arnica Sport assortment of Weleda and using the apps Vegsafe and Think Dirty.

Vegsafe helps determine whether an ingredient could be from animal origin while the app Think Dirty on the other hand calculates how dirty a product is. It rates ingredients based on strength of evidence regarding Carcinogenicity, Developmental/reproductive toxicity and Allergenicity/immunotoxicity.

Weleda has very strong principles when it comes to using natural, organic and healthy ingredients so I wasn’t surprised when I scanned the Arnica Massage Oil and 7 of the 10 ingredients came up with a 0/clean rating. Their ingredients Limonene and Coumarin don’t have a 0/clean rating meaning it may be an irritant for sensitive skin but they are naturally occurring parts of the pure essential lavender and rosemary oil making it entirely safe to use. The Arnica extract is at the heart of the sports range with its use dating back to the 18th century for things such as rheumatism. Nowadays, Arnica is used in promoting blood circulation and speeding up the healing process of muscles which is fantastic when you want to crank up your number of workouts during the week, for a quick warming up of your muscles or if you have a race coming up, but also for recuperating afterwards. I tried it myself and Arnica Massage Oil is definitely my new running buddy!

Back in February of this year, I injured my left foot quite badly after rolling my ankle while running. It took a while to get back on it again and I still occasionally get some nagging pain if my running form is a bit off. I used the Arnica Sport Gel when I got a flare up the other day and it definitely helped to soothe the twinge in my foot. One of the products I haven’t been able to use yet after workouts and running is the Arnica Sport Bath Soak. I don’t have a bath tub in my apartment in Belgium but I’ll be visiting my parents this weekend so I’ll be sure to schedule in a soak after my Saturday run.

All the ingredients in Weleda’s Arnica Sport products are plant-based. I was a little unsure about the Lecithin and the Lactic Acid in the Arnica Sports Shower Gel as Vegsafe indicate that these ingredients could be of animal origin, but I have been reassured that the Lactic Acid and Lecithin used in the Weleda cosmetic products are manufactured using non-animal raw materials – so they are not of animal origin. The product itself smells deliciously (mix of Lavender and Rosemary), boosts your energy and leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

With the Color Run I was able to pop out for a few extra runs and put these products to the test. I know this may have been a slightly long-winded post but ever since I changed my lifestyle I’ve become more curious; not only about food but about how specific ingredients in cosmetics may have an effect on our body so I was over the moon to write about Weleda which has such strong principles with regard to nature and health.